July 24, 2024

Sony Unveils Exclusive Olivia Rodrigo Edition LinkBuds S Earbuds

Sony has teamed up with pop star Olivia Rodrigo to release a limited-edition version of its LinkBuds S earbuds. This collaboration goes beyond just aesthetics, as the customized LinkBuds S will come with two unique EQ modes specifically optimized for each of Rodrigo’s albums, Sour and Guts.

The EQ profiles for these albums were fine-tuned by both Rodrigo and her producer, Daniel Nigro. Users can access these custom EQ modes through Sony’s Headphones Connect app when pairing the signature LinkBuds S with their Bluetooth-enabled devices. While it’s possible to use the custom EQ profiles with other content, it is recommended to stick with Sony’s pre-existing presets for optimal performance.

In terms of design, both earbuds feature a purple, marbled exterior that is claimed to be styled by Rodrigo herself. The marbled pattern is a result of using recycled materials during production, making each pair of the LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo unique, according to Sony.

Apart from the distinctive shell, these limited-edition earbuds offer the same features as the other colors of the LinkBuds S currently available on the market. They are renowned for their comfort, providing a lightweight fit. While the active noise cancellation and sound quality may not match Sony’s flagship WF-1000XM5 earbuds, they still deliver impressive performance.

The LinkBuds S are an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and affordable wireless earbud option. They also support Sony’s high-bitrate LDAC Bluetooth codec. However, it’s important to note that Sony has been addressing an intermittent battery drain issue across its earbud lineup that can occur after extended use.

To promote these signature earbuds, Sony is planning an extensive marketing campaign. This includes a marketing video that aligns with the official ‘bad idea, right?’ music video and stays true to the artist’s vision and album aesthetics. Additionally, Sony will showcase the LinkBuds S on Times Square billboards and feature them in various media activations on platforms such as Hulu, Spotify, and during Thursday Night Football.

The announcement of the exclusive Olivia Rodrigo Edition LinkBuds S was made during a fan gathering hosted by Sony in Tokyo. These limited-edition earbuds are expected to sell well, even without extensive advertising.

Preorders for Sony’s Olivia Rodrigo Edition LinkBuds S are now available on her official website, Sony.com, Amazon, and Best Buy. Fortunately, there is no additional cost for this model compared to the standard LinkBuds S, making it an exciting proposition for fans of Sony’s audio products.


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