June 18, 2024
bidet seat

An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Bidet Seats

Bidet seats are becoming increasingly popular in Western countries as an eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to toilet paper. Although bidets have been used in many parts of Europe and Asia for centuries, they are a relatively new concept for most North Americans and Australians. This article will provide an introduction to bidet seats – what they are, the benefits of using one, popular models available and tips for making the switch.

What is a Bidet Seat?
A bidet seat is a bathroom accessory that attaches to your existing toilet, converting it into a hybrid bidet-toilet. Essentially, a bidet seat is like an advanced version of a portable bidet – it has similar functions but is built into the seat of your toilet for convenience. When activated, a bidet seat uses a directed stream of warm or cool water to gently cleanse the anal and genital areas, leaving you fresh and dry. Most models also feature adjustable water pressure, temperature and positions settings for a customized clean.

Health and Hygiene Benefits
There are many health and hygiene perks that come with using a Bidet Seat on a regular basis. For starters, bidet seats are proven to be more sanitary than dry toilet paper alone. They reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that can cause infections. Bidet seats also promote better overall hygiene downstairs. The cleansing spray helps remove traces of waste and odors far more thoroughly than wiping. This reduction in residual waste lingering on the skin can decrease the risk of rashes, irritation and other related issues over time. Bidet seats may also aid in toilet training children and assist those suffering from certain medical conditions or weakened immune systems.

Eco-Friendly Alternative to Toilet Paper
One of the biggest draws of switching to a bidet seat is the positive environmental impact. Toilet paper is a major consumer product that creates a massive amount of waste. The average person uses around 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. Bidet seats, on the other hand, require no paper and translate to huge toilet paper savings. Using one can reduce an average household’s toilet paper usage by around 80%. This lessens the environmental footprint and costs of constantly purchasing toilet paper. Bidet seats, therefore, offer a sustainable and eco-conscious alternative for those looking to conserve natural resources wherever possible.

Top Bidet Seat Models on the Market
With the growing interest in bidet seats, manufacturers have responded with a variety of high-quality models to suit different needs and budgets. Some top rated and best-selling bidet seats include:

– Bio Bidet BB-600 – Affordable and basic model with essential warm water spray. Self-cleaning nozzle. Under $100.

– Brondell Swash 1400 – Luxury pick with Insta-warm heating, adjustable ceramic nozzles, aromatherapy, remote control and more. Around $500.

– Toto Washlet C200 – Sleek design with integrated control panel and oscillating warm water spray. Premum features for under $300.

– Coway Bidetmega 200M – Budget-friendly option with position control, warm air dryer and self-cleaning wand. Less than $150.

– XX-DRY On A Beyond 2000 – For those wanting top-of-the-line. Offers rear and front wash with oscillating water jet, temperature regulation and heated seats. Over $1000.

How to Make the Switch to a Bidet Seat
Making the switch from dry toilet paper to the freshness of a bidet seat takes just a bit of getting used to but becomes second nature quickly. Here are some tips for transitioning:

– Choose your bidet seat model based on budget and desired features. Installation is simple and tools included.

– Try it a few times with the “feminine wash” setting before switching to the rear wash for maximum cleanliness.

– Keep some toilet paper handy for extra drying at first if needed. Many high-end models have warm air dryers too.

– Give it a few weeks to fully adjust. Your botton may feel a little sensitive at first as used to the water.

– Enjoy the feeling of being fresh all day long and saving money on toilet paper in no time!

Bidet seats provide an affordable, eco-friendly and hygienic upgrade for any bathroom. They deliver a refreshing alternative to dry toilet paper alone while promoting better hygiene and reduced waste. As bidets become more mainstream and popular models emerge, more homeowners are making the easy switch to experience the benefits of this must-have 21st century bathroom fixture. With the savings on toilet paper and positive impacts, a bidet seat truly is a worthwhile investment.

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