June 22, 2024
composite adhesive

Composite Adhesive : Current Developments And Future Prospects

Composite Adhesive 

Composite adhesives are bonding materials used to join composite materials together. Composites are multi-material or multi-layer structures made by combining two or more materials that differ in composition or properties. The adhesives play a crucial role in assembling composite structures and providing strength to the bonds between different materials. Some common composite materials bonded together include carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood, metal, and plastic.

Types of Composite Adhesive Industry

There are various types of composite adhesive used depending on the materials being bonded and the end-use application. The major types are:

– Epoxy Adhesives: Epoxy adhesives are the most widely used type due to their excellent adhesion, high strength, and durability even under harsh conditions. They can bond metals, composites, ceramics, and others. Various curing agents are used to adjust properties.

– Polyurethane Adhesives: These adhesives feature high flexibility and impact resistance along with good adhesion. Commonly used for bonding plastics, composites, wood, and other substrates. Two-part adhesives are mixed prior to use.

– Vinyl Ester Adhesives: They provide extreme environmental resistance and are used for marine, infrastructure and other exterior applications. Vinyl esters can bond composites, concrete, and several other materials.

– Acrylic Adhesives: Known for high bond strength even on low-energy surfaces. Used for aircraft interiors, automotive/transportation, and various indoor applications involving plastics and wood. Cure at room temperature.

– Anaerobic Adhesives: Unique class of adhesives that cure/harden in absence of air between bonded surfaces. Mainly used in threaded pipe fittings and similar applications.

Global Demand and Key Industry Trends

The global composite adhesives market size was valued at USD XXXX million in 2020 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2021 to 2028. Rising demand from the automotive, marine, aerospace and wind energy industries is a key driver for market growth.

– Automotive manufacturers are widely adopting lightweight composite materials in vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and meet stringent emission norms. This is increasing the demand for adhesives that can bond dissimilar substrates like metal-composites.

– Growth of the global aerospace industry with rising air passenger traffic is propelling the need for advanced composite structures in aircraft manufacturing. Adhesives provide durability and seamless structural integration.

– Builders of ships, boats, offshore oil & gas platforms and other marine vessels are utilizing fiber reinforced plastic composites on a large scale. Their bonding requires high performance adhesives resistant to moisture.

– Wind turbine blades are predominantly made with glass fiber composites and adhesively bonded. Rising global capacity additions of renewable wind power will augment demand.

Regional Insights

Currently, the Asia Pacific region dominates the global composite adhesives market with a share of more than 35%. This is due to presence of a massive automotive production hub and developing infrastructure and construction industries in China, India, Japan and other APAC nations.

– North America stands as the second largest region supported by aircraft, vehicle, wind turbine and infrastructure construction. Various state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of Boeing, Airbus, GM and Tesla boost demand.

– Surging shipbuilding contracts and offshore exploration projects have been powering adhesive demand from the Europe market. Major players like France, Germany, UK and Italy are actively promoting renewable energy development as well.

– Growth avenues are widening up across Middle East & Latin America with rising quality-consciousness and investment in industrialization along with energy and infrastructure sectors.

Key Players and Future Outlook

The competitive landscape of the global composite adhesives industry remains largely consolidating in nature with top five players accounting for over 35-40% of the total market share. Some of the prominent manufacturers operating worldwide are-

– Henkel AG

– 3M Company

– Sika AG

– Arkema (Bostik)

– H.B. Fuller

– Huntsman Corporation

– Illinois Tool Works Inc.

the market is expected to grow steadily guided by constant product innovations, expansion into emerging regions as well as thriving end-use industries. Adhesive advances enabling adhesive bonding of new material combinations would create more opportunities. However, supply chain disruptions caused by pandemic waves along with high raw material costs may pose challenges to the industry participants in the near future.

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