July 21, 2024

Fitbit Addresses User Feedback with App Update

Fitbit, the popular fitness brand, is rolling out a new update to its mobile app that addresses some highly-requested features based on user feedback. While not a major redesign, the patch focuses on bringing quality-of-life changes to the app.

One of the improvements includes the ability to see the battery percentage of a connected device in the top left corner of the Today tab, ensuring that it is easily accessible when launching the app. Previously, this feature was only available on the Devices tab. Furthermore, Fitbit is extending the readout support to Pixel Watches, expanding its compatibility beyond Fitbit-made trackers and smartwatches.

Another feature being reintroduced is celebratory animations. These animations were previously removed but have been brought back due to popular demand. Users missed seeing fireworks go off whenever they achieved their step goal for the day or hit a major fitness milestone. Android users will be the first to receive these animated rewards, with iPhone users getting them in early January.

The third feature making a comeback is the Steps Streak, which was removed in a previous update in September 2023. This tool allows users to track the number of steps taken throughout a day, week, month, and year using a bar graph. Fitbit ensures that steps taken during the absence of this feature will still count towards the streak, alleviating any concerns about progress loss. Additionally, Steps Streak will now be available on Android devices for the first time, along with its return on iOS.

Fitbit also reminds users that they can customize their focus metrics to align with a specific fitness goal. Although this feature was not part of the recent update, it was actually introduced back in September.

The patch is currently being rolled out to all users, but Fitbit advises users to be patient as it may take some time for the update to arrive on their smartphones.

In recent months, Fitbit has been actively working to address user concerns and improve its app. The September update aimed to simplify the app’s design but received negative feedback from users who disliked the color scheme and found the dashboard cluttered. Fitbit issued an apology for the controversial changes and committed to making things right. This latest update is part of that commitment, focusing on implementing requested features to enhance user experience.

Fitbit continues to be proactive in listening to its user base and making necessary changes to improve its app. Users can expect more updates and improvements as Fitbit strives to provide a seamless and enjoyable fitness tracking experience.

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