April 12, 2024
GDPR Services

An Overview of the Key GDPR Services Organizations Rely Upon

Data Protection Impact Assessments

One of the early steps outlined in GDPR is performing a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for any processing operations likely to result in a high risk to individuals. These assessments identify and minimize privacy risks upfront and are required for new technologies or large-scale processing of sensitive data. GDPR services providers assist with conducting the necessary risk analysis and documentation to satisfy DPIA obligations. Their expertise helps determine when a DPIA is needed as well as guide organizations through the process from start to finish.

Data Mapping and Inventory Services

To properly address GDPR Services requirements, organizations must undergo a comprehensive data mapping and inventory effort to understand what personal data they hold, where it came from, who it is shared with, and for what purposes. This proves challenging for many companies with complex IT systems and supply chains. GDPR services facilitate the data discovery process through specialized tools and workflows that methodically trace data flows. They produce detailed inventories and documentation critical for compliance programs going forward.

Privacy Program Development

GDPR requires appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and establishing broader privacy governance measures like policies, procedures, training, impact assessments and more. However, building out these functional components of a comprehensive privacy program presents hurdles internal teams may not have the bandwidth or know-how to clear independently. GDPR services assist by using their regulatory expertise to draft customized privacy documents and recommend practical privacy controls aligned to each company’s size and operations.

Data Subject Request Fulfillment

Under GDPR Services , individuals have expanded rights over their personal data including access, rectification, erasure and restricting of processing. Fulfilling these types of data subject requests appropriately within tight response deadlines is essential to compliance. GDPR services provide scalable, technology-based solutions for efficiently and securely managing these rights requests from intake through completion according to each company’s specific processes.

Vendor and Third Party Risk Management

With broad territorial scope and extraterritorial application, GDPR extends compliance obligations to include third parties processing data on an organization’s behalf. Thorough risk assessments and contracts are required, yet vendor relationships can span globally with complex workflows. GDPR services help map third party ecosystems, perform audits of vendor security and privacy controls, and draft GDPR-compliant processing agreements to address risks and ensure personal data remains protected at all points in the supply chain.

Security Incident Response Planning

Under GDPR, security breaches involving personal data must be reported to regulators within 72 hours, making incident response a top priority. However, creating robust incident response plans that meet GDPR expectations takes nuanced legal and technical expertise. GDPR services consult on response strategy, provide templates and playbooks tailored to each organization, and help facilitate Tabletop exercises to validate preparedness in handling everything from small breaches to significant attacks.

Ongoing Compliance Management

GDPR requirements are ongoing and evolving, necessitating continuous compliance efforts like annual internal audits, DPO consultations, security reviews, policy updates, and staff training. Outsourcing routine administrative tasks to GDPR service providers allows internal resources to focus on core business operations while still addressing compliance responsibilities. Areas like internal audit programs, DPO-as-a-Service, annual compliance assessments and software tools for ongoing management are significant components of holistic GDPR program support.

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