April 23, 2024
Heat-Associated Deaths

Record 645 Heat-Associated Deaths Confirmed in Arizona’s Maricopa County in 2023

In a recent report by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, a record 645 heat-associated deaths were confirmed in metro Phoenix last year. This alarming figure marked a more than 50% increase from the previous year and set a consecutive annual record in the sweltering heat of arid metro Phoenix.

The preliminary report highlighted the vulnerability of certain groups, such as homeless individuals and older adults, to the scorching summer temperatures in the region. It revealed that two-thirds of the heat-related deaths in 2023 were individuals aged 50 years or older, with 71% occurring on days when the National Weather Service had issued excessive heat warnings.

Dr. Rebecca Sunenshine, the medical director of the county public health department, emphasized the need for a coordinated county-wide strategy to prevent these tragic deaths. She stated that with support from every level, nearly all of these deaths could be avoided.

The surge in heat-associated deaths in 2023, totaling 645 fatalities, was a significant increase from 2022, which saw 425 such deaths, and 2021, with 339 confirmed cases. The report underscored the urgent public health issue posed by heat-related deaths in the community, prompting calls for enhanced measures to protect vulnerable populations.

Maricopa County has been meticulously tracking heat-related deaths since 2006, utilizing data from the Office of the Medical Examiner and vital registration records. The unusually hot summer of 2023, with record-breaking temperatures and an extended period of extreme heat, contributed to the alarming rise in heat-associated fatalities.

To address the escalating problem of heat-related deaths, Arizona’s public health department appointed Dr. Eugene Livar as the nation’s first statewide heat officer. Cities like Phoenix and Miami have also appointed heat officers to oversee initiatives aimed at safeguarding residents from the escalating threats of extreme heat.

As part of efforts to mitigate heat-related deaths, the Maricopa County public health department urged individuals, organizations, and local governments to take proactive measures during the extended warm season. Recommendations included checking on vulnerable individuals, volunteering at cooling centers, and providing essential supplies to those in need.

The county’s evaluation of cooling and respite centers from the previous year highlighted the importance of improving access to these facilities, particularly for individuals experiencing homelessness. Plans for the upcoming summer include the establishment of a bilingual heat relief call center to offer assistance and transportation services to cooling centers.
Addressing the pressing issue of heat-related deaths requires a collaborative effort from all segments of the community. By implementing proactive measures and enhancing support systems, Maricopa County aims to reduce the incidence of heat-associated fatalities and protect its residents from the extreme temperatures prevalent in the region.

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