May 22, 2024

Ostomy Care Accessories That Make Life Easier

Ostomy Bags
An ostomy bag, also called a pouching system or ostomy appliance, collects waste from the stoma. There are several types of ostomy bags to choose from:

– One-piece systems: These consist of a pre-attached flat adhesive wafer with an attached plastic pouch. They are easy to use but can be more difficult to remove and reapply.

– Two-piece systems: These have a separate adhesive wafer and detachable pouch. The pouch can be easily removed and emptied without disturbing the wafer adhesion. They also allow for changing just the pouch rather than the entire system. Two-piece systems are more adjustable but require more steps to use.

– Closed-end bags: These bags are sealed at the bottom, requiring you to manually open the bottom to empty waste. They prevent accidental leakage.

– Drainable bags: Drainable bags have a filterable outlet at the bottom that allows controlled emptying without having to remove the entire bag. They are convenient but require cleaning the outlet after each emptying.

Regardless of style, quality ostomy bags are essential to prevent leakage and keep the skin around the stoma healthy. Having extra bags on hand makes changing less stressful.

Adhesives and Barrier Rings

Since ostomy bags adhere directly to the skin, supporting adhesive products are very important. Most commonly used are:

– Adhesive remover wipes: These gentle wipes break down adhesive residue for easy and painless removal. They prevent skin irritation.

– Skin barriers: Circular barrier rings or plates made of various materials (hydrocolloid, silicone) that act as a protective seal between the stoma and adhesive wafer. They prevent leakage and protect delicate skin.

– Stoma measurement guides: Useful tools that have circular aperture cut-outs of varying sizes to help properly size barriers and wafers for a custom fit. A tight seal is important.

– Reinforcing strips/rings: Extra barrier strips that strengthen adhesion, especially around the stoma. They add security against leakage.

Proper adhesion with the help of high-quality barriers and accessories gives an ostomy bag a long wear time and keeps skin healthy. Having backups prevents rushing adhesive removal.

Cleaning and Emptying Supplies

Routine cleaning is important for Ostomy Care Accessories  hygiene and bag maintenance. Useful accessories include:

– Ostomy irrigation supplies: These allow controlled flushing of the stoma or bowel through the ostomy to empty residual waste. Helpful for some post-operative or specific conditions.

– Ostomy deodorants: Minimize odor with sprays or pads containing activated carbon or other odor neutralizing ingredients. Apply inside bags.

– Antibacterial soaps: Gentle cleansers safely sanitize skin and accessories without irritation or residue. Useful for handwashing supplies.

– Ostomy belts and supports: Provide discreet bag coverage and security. Some have hidden pouches or pockets to discreetly carry supplies.

– Lubricants/removers: Water-soluble lubricating gels facilitate bag changes and adhesive removal without trauma.

– Gloves: For hygienic emptying and handling of ostomy supplies/waste. Limit direct skin contact.

Routine emptying and cleaning keeps bags and accessories functioning properly and prevents blockages or leaks. Backups allow changes on the go.

Carrying Cases and Accessory Kits

For discretion and convenience on the go, ostomy carriers and accessory kits are useful:

– Ostomy survival kits: Self-contained carrying cases with complete accessory sets for bag changes including barriers, wafers, adhesive remover, etc.

– Ostomy backpack/shoulder bags: Inconspicuous carrying cases with interior compartments and pockets customized for supplies. Discreet emergency supplies on the go.

– Wallet-sized accessory kits: Miniature first-aid style compact kits containing necessities for minor fixes like barriers or deodorizers. Fit easily in small bags or pockets.

– Make-up bags: Esthetic carrying bags or compact cases to discreetly blend in supplies when traveling or away from home. Hide tell-tale bulges.

Well-stocked carrying cases allow flexibility to be away from home base supplies. Emergency items provide privacy and peace of mind throughout the day.

In summary, a variety of ostomy accessories can make life much easier for those living with an ostomy. From quality ostomy bags and supports to cleaners and carriers, the right supplies streamline care routines and prevent issues. With the help of these accessories, ostomates need not be limited by their condition.

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