April 23, 2024

EMF Shielding Devices: Protecting Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones

Cell phones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. However, as phones have become smarter, they are also emitting higher levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Long term exposure to these EMFs has raised health concerns among experts. In this article, we explore the need for EMF shielding devices and how they can help protect you from radiation emitted by your cell phone.

The Increasing EMF Levels from Cell Phones

Cell phones work by transmitting and receiving radiofrequency signals from nearby cell towers. These radiofrequency EMFs allow your phone to connect to the network and transmit data. However, the levels of radiation emitted have been steadily increasing over the years. Early generation phones emitted much lower levels compared to the latest 4G and 5G smartphones. Studies have shown that the radiation levels from some newer phones surpass the safety limits set by international organizations. With 5G networks now being rolled out globally, phone radiation levels are expected to go even higher.

Potential Health Risks of EMF Exposure

While more research is still needed, some studies have linked long term EMF exposure to possible health risks like increased cancer risk, DNA damage, fertility issues, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. The World Health Organization has classified radiofrequency EMFs from cell phones and other wireless devices as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. While the health impacts of low to moderate exposure are still being investigated, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to radiation absorption in the body. That’s where EMF shielding devices come in.

EMF Shielding Devices – How Do They Work?

Emf Shielding Devices
work by creating a barrier between your body and the EMFs emitted by your phone. Most shields are made of specialized fabrics or films that block the penetration of electromagnetic waves. Common shielding materials include silver-plated nylon, nickel, and conductive carbon fibers. When placed between your phone and body, these materials reflect, absorb or deflect the EMFs away before they can penetrate into your body tissues. This significantly reduces your EMF absorption levels from the phone.

Different Types of EMF Shielding Accessories

There is a wide variety of EMF shielding accessories available these days to suit different phone models and usages. Some of the commonly used shielding devices include:

Phone Cases: These are phone case covers with built-in EMF shielding fabric or film lining. They provide 360 degree coverage around the phone. Variants are available for all major phone brands.

Car Mount Shields: If you frequently use your phone mounted in your vehicle, a car phone mount with integrated EMF shielding prevents radiation exposure during rides.

Sleeping Shields: Designed for keeping your phone near your bed at night, sleeping shields come in different clamshell or pouch designs to house your phone safely.

Phone Pouches: Lightweight fabric or neoprene pouches with shielding material inside allow you to carry your phone close without worrying about radiation absorption.

Window Films: Stick-on films for windows block out EMFs emitted by WiFi routers, phones and other electronic devices in adjacent rooms.

Tips for Effective EMF Shielding

While any shielding is certainly better than none, here are some tips to get maximum EMF blocking benefits:

– Choose shielding accessories labeled with a Shielding Effectiveness (SE) rating of 20dB or higher. This ensures maximum blocking capability.

– Look for shields made of silver-coated fabrics, which provide Shielding Effectiveness over 99%. These are most powerful.

– Ensure proper coverage of the phone by choosing phone case shields or pouches rather than loose sleeves.

– Avoid using cracked, damaged or worn-out shielding accessories which reduce their effectiveness over time. Replace periodically.

– Store your phone in shielding pouches or boxes when not in use to cut down on ambient EMF exposure.

With cell phone use now an unavoidable part of modern lives, taking simple EMF precautions is prudent in the face of potentially higher long term health risks posed by radiation. EMF shielding accessories provide an easy, affordable solution to significantly reduce your phone’s radiation absorption and allow for safer usage. Choosing shielded accessories with high SE ratings ensures you get maximum protection against electromagnetic energy emitted by your connected devices.

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