July 21, 2024

Sony Reveals Slimmer PS5 Models with Detachable Disc Drive Option

Sony has officially announced two updated models of the PlayStation 5 console, offering a more compact design and a detachable disc drive option. According to Sony’s blog post, the new PS5 variants will be priced at $499.99, including both the disc drive and digital edition models. This reflects a $50 increase compared to the current model.

The new PS5 models feature a 30% reduction in volume and weight reductions of 18% and 24% respectively. These sleeker and more streamlined consoles are set to hit the market in November, replacing the existing stock of the original PS5s.

One of the most notable features of the new models is the detachable disc drive, which has been a subject of speculation for some time. Sony has confirmed that the detachable disc drive will be available separately at a later date for a price of $79.99. This allows consumers to choose between the convenience of a digital-only gaming experience or the option to play physical game discs.

It is important to note that these new PS5 models are not a mid-generation upgrade, contrary to rumors of a potential PS5 Pro. Some potential buyers may decide to wait and see if a PS5 Pro is indeed in development before making a purchase decision.

The timing of the release of these new PS5 models aligns with Sony’s plans for the holiday season. The company is preparing for the highly anticipated launch of Spider-Man 2, an exclusive game for the PS5. This game is expected to be a significant draw for shoppers, who may choose to purchase the Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle or opt for the sleeker PS5 consoles and purchase the game separately.

Overall, Sony’s announcement of the slimmer PS5 models with a detachable disc drive option offers consumers more choices in terms of design and functionality. With the new models set to launch this November, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying their favorite games on a more compact and versatile PlayStation 5 console.

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