April 24, 2024

Aluminum Railing: An Elegant and Durable Choice for Home and Commercial Projects

 In this article, we will explore the benefits of aluminum railings and why they have become a go-to choice for projects large and small.

An Introduction to Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings started gaining widespread popularity in the 1960s as architects and builders looked for materials that were corrosion resistant yet lightweight for balconies and outdoor spaces. Some key things to know about aluminum railings:

– Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal that is lightweight yet very strong. It can withstand impacts and is ideal for railings that need to meet safety standards.

– They resist rust and corrosion extremely well, even in coastal areas with salt air or areas with harsh winters. This makes them a low-maintenance option.

– Modern aluminum railings are available in a huge variety of styles from traditional to modern. Homeowners have many design options.

– They can be painted or powder coated in virtually any color to match any design aesthetic.

– Aluminum railings are a sustainable choice as aluminum is infinitely recyclable at the end of its long lifespan.

– Installation of aluminum railings is usually simpler than other materials like wood due to the light weight and prefabricated sections.

With these advantages, it’s clear why aluminum railings have become such a popular choice for everything from decks to balconies to commercial buildings.

Aluminum Railing Options for Residential Projects

For homeowners looking for attractive, durable railings, aluminum is an excellent option. Some common residential uses include:

Deck Railings – The lightweight aluminum construction and prefabricated sections make deck railings easy to install. They hold up very well to the elements and require no painting or staining like wood.

Balcony Railings – Balconies on upper levels need railings that can withstand impacts and withstand weather. Aluminum railings fit the bill beautifully and come in classic or contemporary styles.

Staircase Railings – Stairs pose railings challenges to meet building codes. Aluminum railings are strong yet won’t rust over time like steel. Cable rail infill options provide an open view.

Pool Railings – Aluminum pool fences and railings keep pools secure while allowing viewing of the backyard. They withstand chlorine exposure year after year.

With custom millwork and easy maintenance, Aluminum Railings enhance both indoor and outdoor living spaces around the home. An expert railing contractor can help homeowners choose the right style.

Commercial Applications for Aluminum Railings

While very popular for residential use, aluminum railings also have numerous commercial and industrial applications:

Walkway and Stair Railings – In high traffic indoor and outdoor areas, durable aluminum railings hold up superbly with minimal maintenance needed.

Balcony Railings – For apartments, condos and mixed use buildings, strong aluminum railings provide safety where wood may rot more quickly.

Industrial Railings – In manufacturing facilities, warehouses and other industrial buildings, aluminum railings withstand impacts, chips and corrosion extremely well.

Pool and Spa Railings – Commercial pools benefit from low-maintenance aluminum fences and railings for long-lasting safety around water features.

The corrosion resistance and wide variety of fabrication and powder coating options make aluminum railings suitable for numerous commercial structures. They provide safety and curb appeal for years to come.

Fabrication and Installation of Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings are most often fabricated using 6063 aluminum alloy tubes, pipes and infill panels. The manufacturing process typically involves:

– Cutting aluminum components to specified lengths and diameters in a pipe cutting machine.

– Drilling or punching holes for baluster infills and fasteners using CNC machines.

– Mitered cuts made on tube ends for joining fittings using a miter saw station.

– Components deburred, cleaned and ready for pre-assembly or finishing steps like welding or mechanical fastening.

– Powder coating provides a durable color that resists fading and corrosion for the long term.

Most aluminum railing kits will include all necessary hardware for bolting sections together and securing to mounting surfaces. Installation is accomplished by bolting rails and balusters to decks, walls, etc for a sturdy and compliant installation. With careful measurements and installation, aluminum railings provide lasting beauty and peace of mind.

Whether for homes, apartments, commercial buildings or industrial facilities, aluminum railings have proven themselves as a versatile choice that enhances safety, aesthetics, performance and sustainability on projects large and small. Their durability and resistance to corrosion ensure they will look great for decades to come with minimal maintenance. Aluminum railings are a smart, eco-friendly choice for any railing application.

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